Welcome to the Launch Interview Series, where I am talking to people from all over the world who are building their career around their lives, and not the other way around.

Today I am talking with Catie Harris The NursePreneur mentor (I love this name!) behind http://www.catieharris.com, a former nurse who’s now teaching other nurses how to build their own successful businesses.

I hope the background is not too distracting (yes, half of my bookshelves are empty due to an office makeover, but I decided not to let this stop me from sticking to my interviewing schedule)!

Catie shared how she:

  • grew her business to an audience of almost 10k people by nailing down her ideal client
  • gets Facebook leads with ads for only 1$/lead (when the industry average raised to 3$/lead)
  • Exactly how much money she spent on training programs

and more.

We agreed that today you can make your online launch as difficult or as easy as you want it to be, so the key message was clearly to get yourself out of your own way and take action!

And since I think Catie’s advice on having a launch plan or a launch checklist before anything else was a great one, I have put together for you a checklist with everything you must have in place for a launch, grab your free copy here: Your Launch Toolkit

You can find out more about Catie here: http://www.CatieHarris.com

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