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about me

Who the heck is Olivia, what is she doing and why?

My name is Olivia Angelescu.

I’m happy to see you here and I think you and I have lots in common: we both want to spend our time working on things we are passionate about and to live our lives exactly the way we want to.

Both you and I want to build our career around our life and not our life around our career.

Am I right? 😀

If you I am, then we both can’t avoid that thing that make us anxious sometimes: visibility.

How do you become visible in a natural way, how do you stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the expert you are, how do you leverage it all to 10x your profits?

I have good news. My goal is to help you build a content marketing strategy and plan that will do just that, in a way that completely resonates with YOU and your core values. A personalized plan to help you finally make money doing what you love the most.

Keep reading to learn more about me, how I ended up here, where am I going and, more importantly, how can I help you.

Hours worked in business and marketing

The countries where my clients are

Profit rate for my marketing strategies

Cups of hot coffee I had

In a few short years, life decided to teach me three very important lessons (the hard way):

– That I needed to find a way to become my own boss, because I DESERVE to be able to decide how much time I work from where, with whom and how much money I am making. 

– That it is very important to do work you LOVE, because that’s when work doesn’t feel like work, and that’s when you have the highest chances to go far. 

– To live in the present and enjoy my life as it is right NOW, because future is only an illusion that can turn into a present day or not.

“I’m Olivia and I dig all things content creation and content marketing. And The Gilmore Girls. And singing Bruno Mars’ songs, very loud, when I am cooking! (shhhh! keep this to yourself, ok?) 

I used to have a huge case of Monday blues but took massive action and now I am my own boss and I am doing work I love that much that I can’t wait for Mondays to come! I guess it helps a lot when your commute means moving from the bedroom to your kitchen table!

When I was a kid, in the 90’s, I loved writing (from to-do lists to poems) and reading (anything): I can remember whole days when this was all I did – I grew up without Netflix, yes.  

Also, whenever someone asked me “What do you want to to when you grow up?” , my answer was quick: “A teacher!” (mainly because my own teachers had more vacation days than my parents, so I figured out that this would allow me to have enough time to read, write a book and travel the world. 

So obviously, when I did grow up, I became an… accountant! As it turned out, my mother was afraid that by becoming a teacher I will not be able to pay my invoices (can’t say I blame her – in my country teachers are earning the same as a cleaning lady). 

I am ambitious and smart (and not too humble apparently), so I climbed the corporate fast (too fast if you ask me!). At 29 years old I was already part of a reputable management team of a big corporation and then I joined one of the biggest management consulting companies in the world. I was coordinating strategic projects and learning a lot, meeting cool people and travelling. Oh! And earning more money in a year than both my parents made in their whole life.

And then I got to live three events that made me stop and reconsider my whole life: I lost my father, I became a mother and I got a scary cancer diagnosis (all this in a 12-month time frame).

For the first  time in my life I was having a raw, painful representation of how quickly time is passing us by. For the first time ever I truly digested the fact that future is one of the biggest illusions, that all we have is here, now. And for the first time I realized that I was working for someone else while secretly day dreaming about doing my own thing and that my work was keeping me away from my family right when I desperately wanted to be with them (so what if I was driving a luxury company car and staying at the best hotels?)

So I started to look for a way. This is how I discovered the online business model and realized what wonderful times we are all living! Although I was implementing business projects with millions of dollars in budget and advising top managers, I had no idea how an online business worked.

So I started to learn. First I have read hundreds of blog posts and books, watched free webinars and YouTube videos, but I was moving much too slowly for my taste. So I enrolled in some of the best digital marketing programs in the world: online business, social media, paid ads, copywriting, content marketing – I did it all, built my skills (and got a few really valuable certifications in the process).

Then I got my first paying clients and things started to move. Today I am working with clients on four continents, I write for some of the biggest websites in my niche (from Ramit Sethi’s website GrowthLab to, LeadPages, Teachable and more). My blog posts are fighting for a place on the first page of Google, right next huge brands like Neil Patel and Ahrefs (they have a whole team and big budgets, I am a tiny solopreneur). I’ve told you: we are living some interesting times.

But you know what the best part is? I am doing all this while being a present mother, wife and daughter, travelling a lot through Europe with my family, taking long vacations and working half the hours I used to work. 

My values

✨Working with pleasure – when you are doing something you love, it feels like you are cheating because it feels like “fun”. 

✨Being independent – I want to be able to decide how much money I can make, what do I have to do and from where. 

✨Authenticity – I think there is room for everyone and no matter who is your ideal audience, you’ll get more results by being you. 

✨Being visible and marketing yourself should be fun, addictive even, not some anxiety-inducing stuff you are doing because you have to. 

What is my super power?

I am a mom, obviously! Oh, you mean besides this?

I help experts and entrepreneurs build their brand and make 6-figures with kick-ass content marketing strategies that stand the test of time.

How does a usual month look like for me? See the column on the right.

  • Content plans (that establish you as the go-to expert)
  • Media outreach plans (get featured)
  • Content marketing strategies (leverage everything for biz growth)

I would love to live in a world where:

🙌Airplanes are replaced by teleportation (I hate flying, it scares the shit out of me!)   

🙌People go to work every day to a place they like, where they do something that motivates them to give their best and where they earn how much they want.

🙌Women say NO more – when they don’t want to take on a specific project, go to an event, stay in a relationship that doesn’t serve them or postpone going after their dreams. 

🙌Cheese cake and Panacotta have no calories.

🙌There is a coffee shop with turquoise comfortable chairs at every street corner. 

What I believe in:

✔That you have an expertise in something and that you can capitalize on it, so that you can live your life the way you want to, not like you “should”. 

✔That you still feel like you are not living your dream – and I want to help you get there. 

✔That you don’t need a big email list, a huge advertising budget, a funnel and a team to make 6 figures (based on my own experience).

✔And, to be honest, that a coffee, a book, a kid’s smile and a dog’s eyes can make you feel better as quickly as you can spell “better”.  

I also believe that content marketing is crucial today for every business or personal brand, in any niche. But it shouldn’t be complicated, hard to understand, anxiety-inducing or to take all your available time.

Talking about that, why don’t you subscribe to my weekly newsletter (by inserting your email below) and start getting all my tips, tutorials and occasional ankle kicking emails? I have a feeling you’ll find it very useful. 

Do you how annoyed some people get when they spill red wine all over the new carpet? This is how annoyed I get when I’m seeing people jumping straight to funnels, Facebook ads and pitching top podcasts, without first having a solid content strategy in place. And then they complain it is not working!


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