Hi there!

I am Olivia and I am a launch strategist for ambitious online entrepreneurs. 

When I was a kid I loved reading and writing: there was nothing else I wanted to do during all those school holidays. Also, my dream job was being a teacher (mainly because they seemed to have a lot of vacation days, and I figured I could use that time to write and travel the world).  🙂

So, logically, when I grew up I became an… accountant! 

Turns out my mother was scared that I wouldn’t make much of a living as a teacher. I don’t blame her, it was true.

From a simple accountant, I became a Chief Finance Officer and then a senior management consultant in a very well known advisory company. I had the best time of my life. I was part of very exciting projects, I interacted with top Fortune100 CEO’s, I was learning cool stuff and I was traveling the world.

And then, suddenly, something weird happened to me. Something that took my ambitious and smart brain, twisted it around and inserted a new range of never experienced before feelings into my heart: yes, I BECAME A MOTHER! 

So this is me and these are the 2 reasons I have started my dream business. I wanted to be a more present mother for my daughters. I also wanted to show to my daughters what is possible, by my own example, you know?

It was not easy, but still, it wasn’t that hard either.

And the best part of all? I finally get to do the things that I LOVE: writing, reading, and teaching – while working only a few hours every day, while my kids are sleeping or playing. 

So if you want to learn more about how you can have your most successful launch yet, even if nobody knows who you are, then you are in the right place!

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