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Hi, I am Olivia Angelescu – a content marketing strategist for

brands and companies that want to make a big impact


I help personal brands and big & small companies become industry leaders, reach millions and change lives.

I do this by creating personalized content plans that stand out from the crowd, attract the right people and convert them into clients and raving fans. 

Here is what I can help with: 


Generate Better Story Ideas (lots of them!)

In a world full of content, make yours stand out. That’s the only way to get noticed and build your brand fast and in a powerful way.

You need new ideas for getting your message out. I can help you generate hundreds of ways to tell your story.

Attract and Engage with Storytelling

Storytelling is a superpower that gets people to pay attention and take action. It wins people’s hearts and helps content go viral.

But, just like any superpowers, you need to use it wisely! I am ready to show you how.

Make SEO work for your business

Ranking high in Google searches will help you get discovered by more of your ideal clients and get organic leads on autopilot.

SEO can also feel like a complicated, dry topic. I am here to make it easy to understand and implement.

Countries my clients are in

Hours of content marketing

Organizations Impacted

Cups of Coffee

I believe that Every organization should make consistent, high-quality content a priority.

Why? Because content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique

here is how:

Content Builds Trust And Creates Brand Awareness

78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. 

If your content is valuable for your audience, they will start seeing you as a valuable brand. 

Content Improves Website Conversion

Website conversion is 6x higher for companies who publish quality content. A great content strategy provides a return on investment that small businesses just can’t ignore.

Content Maximizes Any Marketing Budget (no matter the size)

Content marketing is not only a great lead generation strategy, but it is also more affordable than anything else. With a good content strategy, you can generate 3 times more leads, while spending about 62% less.


What others say about me

With Olivia's help, we created a content strategy that got us on the FIRST place in the Entrepreneur magazine's "companies to watch" top!

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith, CEO @ Hedgehog Hollow

Olivia helped me get interviews on top podcasts (including the all-times top 1 in the marketing niche!).

Tarzan Kay,  @ Email Marketing Expert

In a world full of experts, is the communication and the willingness to pivot and try new things to get the possible results for the client what the client remembers. This is why I highly recommend Olivia.

Sarah Cohen, Founder @ The Styling Advisory

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