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Get A Content Marketing Plan That Generates Qualified Leads Every Month

I can help you create a content plan that builds visibility, authority AND attracts ideal clients on a regular basis.

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Find gaps in your current marketing





Create a plan to generate leads

Sell out your offers

Content Marketing For The Following Situations:


  • You are marketing on a consistent basis but you are not getting enough leads
  • You have a hard time closing leads
  • You are launching programs and digital products and want a content plan that sells out your offers
  • You are managing different content platforms and want a paint -by-numbers, cohesive content marketing plan 


Why I am a smart choice for your content marketing plan:

The customer journey

Bouncing visibility AND authority

Your own platform + Other people’s platforms = BEST WAY TO GO

Most content marketing fouses on top of the funnel (TOF) topics, just to get attention, but not also helping your audience to make the decision to buy from you.

I will help you create a content plan that takes into consideration the different levels of awareness that your ideal clients have when they find you and helps them go through the decsion process.

Driving traffic is obviously the main goal of a content marketing plan; however the competition is stronger and stronger so you also need to position yourself as authority, to build trust and credibility.

My content plans plans balance both.


Publishing content on only your platform works long term or when you have a big ads budget.

My content marketing plans help you get instant visibility by getting on other people’s platforms and instantly reach the audiences they have built


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The Launch Strategy- Do You Have One?

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After a rewarding career as a management consultant, where I was travelling the world and  helping Fortune 100 companies add tens of millions to their profits, I started my own company because I wanted a different kind of an impact.

First, I wanted to be a more present mother for my kids and to also SHOW them (not only tell them) that you can make a great living while pursuing your dreams.

Secondly, I wanted to work with entrepreneurs that want to make a true impact and change the world (as opposed to helping rich people become even richer). 

I used my management consultant experience to quickly build a business based on my passions. Now I am working with amazing clients all over the world, helping them stand out from the crowd, gain visibility and authority, sell out their offers and build their legacy.


Countries my clients are in

Hours of content marketing

Organizations Impacted

Cups of Coffee


Olivia helped us create more authority through our content, which got us on the FIRST place in the Entrepreneur magazine's "companies to watch" top!

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith, CEO @ Hedgehog Hollow

With Olivia's content marketing help I got booked for interviews on top podcasts (including the all-times top 1 in the marketing niche!).

Tarzan Kay,  @ Email Marketing Expert

In a world full of experts, is the communication and the willingness to pivot and try new things to get the possible results for the client what the client remembers. This is why I highly recommend Olivia.

Sarah Cohen, Founder @ The Styling Advisory

Olivia comes from an insanely high-performance background where she used to help multinational corporations double their profits. This is a woman who could perform a full audit of your marketing in her sleep... but she will treat your project with the utmost attention, compassion and care! She's got a huge heart and uses her expertise to help entrepreneurs run more profitable businesses. She's enormously caring... and it goes without saying that she's enormously brilliant too. `If you get a chance to have her work on your marketing -- do it!

Alexandra James, Brand Message Expert For Visionary Entrepreneurs

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